I’m not crazy, my reality is just different than yours

Gothic, creative, nerdy, animalloving, turtleobsessed and maybe slightly crazy.

I got pets, I work with pets and working on a pet related education. You could say pets are more of lifestyle then a hobby. I have a dog, a cat, 2 turtles and more fish then I can count. I work at a pet clinic while I study on the side to become a pet nurse <3

When it comes to my fish, I got a room dedicated to aquariums, and a pond in the garden under progress. Also active in a club for fish-nerds!

And do NOT forget the turtles! I got 2 live ones and about 100 different figurines, plushies and jewelry with turtles, even a little lamp! And dont ask me to explain, I can’t!

When Im not runnign around with some animal you can often find hunting wildlife equiped with a camera or two. My trofees are mostly birds, the squirrel in the forest tells the other animals to hide so I cant see them!

You can also find me covered i paint while working on some creative project. Or with my nose in a book. I got hundreds of them, and have come to the understanding that reading and buying books are to different obsessions. I suffer with both. Playing games is also awsome, almost any kind. Or just beeing a nerd about something.